During the 89th Kenshin festival held on August 23rd and 24th in Joetsu, Niigata prefecture, GACKT playet the role of Kenshin as a guest of honor. GACKT played the same role in the NHK Historical TV drama “Furing Kazan” in 2007.


The kenshin festival is an event that has been held every year since 1925, dedicated to a hero lived during the Sengoku period called Uesugi Kenshin. Today, August 24th GACKT rode a white horse playing the role of Kenshin during the march and the reenactment of the Kawanakajima battle. The festival reached it’s highest point when GACKT launched a cry of triumph to all his 500 men in the war company.

During the stage play ”MOON SAGA- Yoshitsune hiden” fully produced by GACKt himself, GACKT fractured his left ankle but, in despite of this he commented  “I wish to pass on to as many people as possible that if you put your heart to it, despite all the disadvantages, you can accomplish any mission”

GACKT also said

“To me, Joetsu is like my second hometown, it’s a very special place for me.

When Joetsu citizens, those who take care of my beloved hometown, asked me to make Kenshin live again by playing this role, I felt incredibly grateful.

So, to answer their expectations I was preparing the best Kenshin performance you’ve ever seen. But unfortunately, during my stage play, I broke my leg.

And so this year I had to face this mission in this condition.

Sure, it would be ideal to always be in perfect conditions to face a mission. But in real life, in most cases we are force to show our skills despite the obstacles that happen in life.

This time, I don’t consider my difficult condition an obstacle, but the engine to pull up the combattive spirit and I would be very happy if I was able to transmit to as many people as possible that, if you put your will and loyalty into something, despite every disadvantage, someone can accomplish any mission”

『I wish that there will be a lot of people to visit this beautiful and peaceful country, I wish that everyone could learn the lyrical beauty of this place. And by doing this performance I hope to help passing on the Japanese soul.』

This was the thought that made me go on. I hope that, with this event, many people will fall in love with Joetsu.

I GACKT hope from my heart that the number of people passing on the wonderful “ancient Japan” will increase, it has a tradition of hundreds of years.

source: Natalie.mu

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team