Today on August 23th, the 89th Kenshin festival has began. GACKT, who plays the role of Kenshin for the parade and for reproduction of Kawanaka-jima’s battle scene, along with Kasugayama’s mayor held a press conference. In spite of the injury to the left ankle, he said “I’ll accomplish the mission with all my soul”

GACKT has shown up to the press conference with a cane. The mayor said ”I’ve read on his blog that he had a fracture and I was worried” and GACKT replied “It’s my duty to tell you that everything is ok”


During the press conference, GACKT has talked about the accidente that happened during the performance. “This year the show will be quite frantic because I am really pumped up from my sense of duty, I mean I want to show the world that, if you really put all your heart in something, no matter the obstacles, you can accomplish a mission.” “My duty is to show the audience what “義 ghi” is” (morality / honor / respect)”


“I don’t know if next year I’ll be able to play this role both physically and mentally speaking. Even if this might be the last time that I’ll play Kenshin I want to make everyone feel how wonderful this festival is.”

The parate where GACKT is performing, starts at 15.30 JPT (6.30am GMT) on the 24th at the feet of mount Kasuga. Instead the reproduction of the battle starts at 6pm JPT (9am GMT) at Kasugayamajo shiseki hiroba.

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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