Oh yes dear LOVERS, it’s that time of the year again. On August 23rd and 24th the 89th Kenshin Festival will take place and GACKT will reprise his role of Uesugi Kenshin this year too.

While we wait for the long awaited weekend, GACKT Italia wants to share with you some useful informations about the event.


The traditional parade will take place on Sunday 24th from 6pm till 8pm JPT (from 9am till 11am GMT) – We still have no confirmed informations about a possible live streaming of the event like last year, but we will keep you informed and update you as soon as the latest new come around!

It’s possible to purchase the tickets for seats during the evening rappresentation of Kawanakajima battle. => TICKET PURCHASE FOR THE EVENT
The opening of the venue for the payed seats will start at 3.30pm JPT.

As far as the free seats on the contrary, the venue will open at 10am JPT.

As soon as there more news regarding the 89th Kenshin festival, GACKT ItaliaNon appena usciranno nuove news riguardo all’evento dell’89° Kenshin festival, GACKT Italia will update all the LOVERS overseas and all over the world!
In the meantime, you can enjoy all the news and the photos from last year’s 88° Kenshin Festival.

Source: Joetsu City official website