Hello everyone!
This is the MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden- play production staff.

The day starts by watching picture of the past shows all together!
Everything went well till now.
This is a good thing to do. We are exchanging opinion and this will make the next performace evolve further.
Today too, this will be the best performace soo far!
We are looking forward to your attendance!

Details about tickets!
Time: One hour before the performace
Performace at 13:00 –> acceptance from 12:00 – Performace at 18:30 –> Acceptance from 17:30
Location: Same-day ticket booth next to the Meijiza Theater Ticket center.

*Available until seat categories or performance timings sold out



Hello every one!
Very soon the lobby will open!
Please come to attend the play!
From staff



Hello everyone!
All together just before the curtain rising!
They look tense but, but they always calm down!
Today too, we are looking forward to your support!
From staff