We apologize with the dear audience of August 8th for the issues caused by the late opening.
We know that you had to wait for long outside the theatre and about the possible problems in the comeback caused by the late ending of the show, later then predicted.

We will do our best not to make similare episodes happen again.
We apologize again to you all.

We talked with GACKT and, to compensate you of your disappointment, we invite you at the evening show (opening at 6.30pm) on October 30th completely free of charge.

The venue of the show is Ōmiya Sonic City


To request your ticket
• Send a registered mail to the address below with these 2 attachments
1「August 8th ticket 」or a document attesting the purchase of the ticket;

2 The address where we should send the ticket, name of the recipient and phone number;


東京都港区西麻布3-2-1 北辰ビル7F
株式会社うぼん 「MOON SAGA チケット」係

Deadline: August 31st 2014

Mailing of the ticket will be around the first days of October.
If you don’t receive it before October 20th, please contact the following number

MOON SAGA- Yoshitsune Hiden- produzione ( società UBON)

03-5772-2335(lunedì-venerdì 11:00~ 18:00)

* For all who have already purchased the October 30th ticket we can unfortunately proceed with refunds.