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The days we go through create important memories too.


Since the day I’ve celebrated my birthday,
a month has already passed in a flash.

It’s as if it happened yesterday.

But that’s exactly how time flies past.

Like the meetings and separations with the important people in your life.

Like the wonderful smile that was near you
if you noticed within yourself, your tameness
also disappears with time.

When you were young,
it was a time when you were sick of being a kid,

If only you could rely on yourself…
If only you could open your heart more…
If only you could have more time for yourself…

Once you think about it, there’s no end.


In the end, it’s just you having no power.

I’m still no better than a brat,
and I often find myself thinkning
I’m not qualified to be liked by people.

It’s a pathetic thing to talk about.

Work harder.
Become someone who can receive a little more smiles than before.

But this is all I need you to understand.

I’m really thankful.
Sticking with someone like me for alll this time.

No matter how many times I say thank you, it won’t be enough.

Really, thank you.
As long as I can get that through to you it’s all good…
If only I could express to you…
These feelings.


Since this morning I’ve been at the hospital/clinic.
Mentioning people who stay at the hospital throughout a Sunday, I
believe there are little to none of them.

Right now,
I’m on drip to force the fever down.


Yesterday during training, my body temperature went 3 degrees above
the normal temperature
and I fainted.

I wonder if it’s because of the fatigue piling up…

This is quite a weak body.

I’ve come to think that
both my body and my spirit
are still like little brats
and they don’t seem to be maturing at all.

But this is my body.
Even if I complain, there’s no choice but to deal with it.

Even if I complain, I won’t get down time.
The work I have before has to be completed.
No matter what it takes.

That’s what I have to do right now.
Delivering excitement to people
is my work as GACKT.


If I give up it all ends.
That’s why I won’t give up anyway.

I can still do it.
I can still continue.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is “Mr. Wounds”.


Even as a brat,
I’ll show you that I can do at least this much.

at least let me say this at the end.

For everything up till now, thank you so very much.

Well, I should catch a few winks… (take a nap)



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.
(Updates thrice a month)

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