GACKT (41), the star, original story & screenplay, producer, music composer, of the stage play [Moon Saga – Yoshitsune Hidan – the second chapter], attended the public rehearsal on 29th (july) in Tokyo, together with Kawasaki Mayo (51), Yuumi Hiro, and Kuroda Arisa (26) and Hatsune (21), selected from the auditions to be the heroine.

The film is the second chapter of the GACKT-produced stage play that mobilized 50,000 staff and workers. The drama revolves around the ones holding special powers/abilities [shanofu (mononofu)] dominated the late Heian period and Yoshitsune who has the hidden power. Auditions were held for the heroine [Hiyori], regardless of gender, age, nationality, and the double cast of Kuroda and Hatsune were finally decided out of the more than 100 applicants.


Kuroda, who appeared wearing white, said in a voice choked with emotions, [At the start when everyone gathered for the public rehearsal, we were still unaware of the situation. Finally it’s been decided today.] The casting had apparently not been decided until just before (the rehearsal). She said with a smile [Every 5 days or so i would have nightmares about this, i’m very happy that i won’t have nightmares anymore after today!]


As for the reason why he chose 2 people, GACKT said [I felt that they had the good essential qualities as well as great potential. It would be good that they can bring out the essential qualities they possess.] He also revealed and commented calmly [Anyway, they can try and whoever who is unable to perform well will be dropped out of the show. I’m cruel this way.] [It’s not a final decision?] asked Kuroda with a stiff expression on her face. GACKT announced merciless that [
Having tension during the play is good. I want it to be a competition between the two all the way to the end.]


Kawasaki, who had previously recommended his wife’s sutchi catfish (cooking), said with a bitter smile, [Please don’t decide to make a joke about it. Recently I thought I could finally stretch my wings a little after the separation.] On the practices, he said with a sense of fulfillment that [I wonder if i should have paid monthly tuition fees for such good stimulation. GACKT is a person who knows all about the [Mononokai]. I’m really engaged in a mission here.]

This work will use projection mapping on the entire stage surface, GACKT said [I’m creating a theme of images popping out of a book. Performers will be standing out and moving among this book.] However, with regard to the action, GACKT said grinning [This time there are so many people that I’m little worried if there’ll be injuries. I will do my best to not disappear.]

GACKT described a sloping stage set-up [with a spectacle of over 20 people rolling down the slope unfolding in full view] during the lively and energetic public rehearsal.

[Moon Saga – Yoshitsune Hidan – the second chapter] will be staged in Tokyo Meiji theatre from 8/8 to 18/8. Performances will also be carried out in 7 locations nationwide – Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Miyagi, Saitama.

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