In「Yoshitune hiden 」GACKT has described with a new vision history of Japan. In 2012 with 「MOON SAGA Yoshitsune hiden chapter 1 」he sold more than 50 thousand tickets in four cities and did more than 60 shows. This year in August, starting from Meiji za Tokyo, the tour will start and last till October in 7 different cities.
The serie「MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Hiden」in which GACKT is producer, main actor and screenwriter, he talks about the world during the Heian period where humans live together with various kinds of demons, showing a secret link between the Heike and Genji family.

“「物の怪mononoke」(demons) in Europe are seen as vampires”

How did the idea of creating Yoshistune Hiden’s world came into your mind?

Since when I decided to do the MOON SAGA project to which I dedicated my life I wanted to create a story where you talk about vampires. To realize it I did a deep research on the origin of vampires in the whole world and I found out about the Mononoke in the Heian period. Going deeper in this subject I  came to think that the origin of vampires is actually the Japanese Mononoke that spread out to Europe after. The Heian period to me is the most charming one in all Japanese history.

Why did you chose Yoshitsune as the main character?

So Yoshitsune is the main character of this story but it doesn’t mean he’s the most important character among them all. I think that Yoshitsune has completely destroyed the world of this period even if he’s considered an hero by history because he defeated Heike family.
Many history books describe the Heike family as the evil ones and the Genji family as the good ones. In the world I created this time I didn’t describe the Heike family as evil. Every family has its own principal and his own moral to follow as a matter of life and death and I wanted to describe the fatal meetings between these two family with the theory that the two family were looking for a way to make peace with each other.


「Yoshitsune grows up through sorrow 」

The relationship with the two important characters:平知盛Tairano Tomonori and 平教経Tairano noritsune?

A friendship is born between Yoshitsune and them but then for political reasons they are forced to fight.

In the previous chapter Yoshitsune is described as a young cheerful boy, almost as a teenager. This time, in the second chapter, the character is more mature and grown up?

To be honest, from the last scene of the previous chapter till the defeat of Heike family only one year has passed. Then after one year after the family defeat Yoshitsune dies. So the world has not changed so much, but it’s also true that Yoshitsune is mentally matured in one year and I want to describe this very well. It’s interesting how he comes out from the strong depression and the crisis after killing his best friend. The encounter with the Heike family helps him grow and change.

This Yoshitsune’s history has something to do with the fundamental themes of your life: real friendship and relationship between people?

So it’s true that the key of this story is true friendship, but for Yoshitsune who’s fighting in war times is very hard to trust other people so I really don’t know.


「Action is also part of expressing ourselves」

Regarding the auditions from Hiyori: a demon; once you said you wanted to discover new talents

Yes, it’s something I think since a lot of time now. There are people with talents that haven’t been discovered yet. I hope they can find occasions to get their career started with this project.

What are the qualities to be chosen by you?

Talent. Even if not something perfect and you can see something interesting or special it’s good for me.

Isn’t it hard to pick just one person among a lot of people?

Yes, it’s really hard. Especially if there are more than one interesting person. But it would be even worse if there wasn’t anyone.

Other the the various project in the musical field, cinema and other you are also writing the script. You like to write too?

No… at all!!! When the pen is flowing it’s really good but there are times where I really don’t know what to write. And in those cases, to detach my mind a bit from the writing I always try to talk with people or I study some historical documents, hoping that the inspiration will come to my mind.

How can you have the time to study historical documents???

At night. I basically don’t sleep.

Will there be a lot of action scenes?

Yes for sure. But I really don’t want to do ordinary things. Even action is part of expressing ourselves: for example if someone takes the sword and wield it, it’s because he’s moved from a very strong feeling… so I think that any movement is to express ourselves.


「Making a theatre performance 」

Why did you wanted to do this show so much?

Because acting on the stage is really complex. If you learned to do a beautiful show in theater it means you have developed your expressing skills. The technique of expression that  you lear on stage is very precious and experience are an artists’ weapons.

Bein a producer and author of the show is a difficult work?

No. I am also the screenwriter and it’s not a bother for me. Someone told me “you can’t do this in a theatre” but there are not so many limits in theatre. You can’t do ordinary shows with no originality. We are insisting on this style because this is making theatre.

What’s the message in “Yoshitsune hiden chapter 2”?

“You can create your future” the power to create and change your future is in your own hands.

Will you compose also the mane theme and the soundtrack?

Obviously. I’m gonna sleep even less!!!!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team