《GACKT Voiced-Ringtone, Election’s midway announcement!!!》

「What would you love to have GACKT saying to you?」

The special event which started on the GACKT Official Facebook Page,
『A Voiced-ringtone message you would love GACKT saying to you!!!』 Project!

In this fabulous event, the message with the most votes in this election,
Will be sent out with GACKT’s voice!!!

We’re currently still on our way collecting the votes,
so here’s a midway announcement~~♪♪ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Here’s what we have placing top 3 for English and Japanese!!!!
Did your vote make it’s way into these ranks?!

Your very own vote
May even change the results!?!?!?

Nobody knows how this is going to turn out!
Voting up until 1st August!!
Get your vote in now

☆Voiced-message voting here☆