The fantastic world created by GACKT with the biggest Projection Mapping* – MOON SAGA – Yoshitsune Hiden – chapter II


Live virtual theatre: Actors play in front of a screen where beautiful mutating images are projected. It’s an incredible invention that has nothing to do with the usual theater stage.

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The latest technology in live virtual theatre.

We are going to reveal some secret on the Projection Mapping*

•What is Projection Mapping?
Projecting images previously created with Computer graphics.
In ever scene you change the stage with moving images and this is something that has never been done so far! We will show you some photos we are working on! Stay tuned!!
To realize a fantastic world created by GACKT with Projection Mapping, we hired the best specialist in computer graphics of all Japan.
A fantastic world that almost looks like pop art will sure make you dream!


源義経《Minamoto no Yoshitsune 》:  GACKT
27 years old. Ninth son of the deceased Yoshitomo. Since he killed his best friend Yoshinaka, something in him has awakened and his appearance changed completely. He fears the liberation of an superhuman force Hyakki (a hundred demons) that will hurt humanity.

平教経《Tairano Noritsune 》: Hiro Yumi
26 years old. Nephew of the deceased Tairano Kiyomori. Also known as Nori. A beautiful boy tall and thing even if he’s said to be the strongest among the whole Taira family. He has power of clairvoyance.

平知盛《Tairano Tomonori》:Mayo Kawaaki
34 years old. Fourth son of the deceased Tairano Kiyomori. Very smart. He’s the leader of the family even if he’s a very humble and calm person. He has the power of clairvoyance too.

Famiglia Genji

武蔵坊弁慶《Musashibou Benkei》: Shinnosuke Furumoto
One of the 4 important members of Genji family. He is the one who trapped the superhuman force Hyakki in Yoshitsune’s body (GACKT). He’s aggressive but he has a big heart.

伊勢三郎《Ise Saburou》: Takaki Uda
One of the 4 important members of Genji family. He has the power to heal every wound and he’s also able to make flower bloom. He’s the leader of the 4 Genji.

佐藤嗣信《Satou Tsugunobu》: Kenjirou Nishiumi
One of the 4 important members of Genji family. Tadanobu’s older brother. He has the power to create fire on his hands. He was supposed to guard Yoshitsune but, in the end, he becomes really close to him.

佐藤忠信《Satou Tadanobu》: Taya Kodou
Tsugunbu’s younger brother. Kind and sensitive.

A deceased person in the first chapter to defend Yoshitsune’s life. However her soul still follows Yoshitsune.

源頼朝《Minamoto no Yoritomo》: Goro Ohashi
The legitimate hair to the Genji family. He lives to destroy everyone except the Genji family. He has the power to get inside people’s mind and manipulate them. Once he used to love Yoshitsune for his cheerful and innocent behavior but, as time passed, he end up hating him and ordering his killing throughout all Japan.

北条政子《Houjyou masako》: Nana Suzuka
Yorimoto’s wife. A very powerful clairvoyant. She hates Yoshitsune because she’s not able to read his mind even with her powers.

Famiglia Heike

梶原景時《Kagiwara Kagetoki》
A person very close to Yorimoto but he secretly wants to steal his power.

A monster evoked by Yoshinaka in exchange of his life.

伝内教能《Dennai Noriyoshi》: Suzunosuke
Even if he’s not part of the Heike family, he’s a trusted person from the family itself. He has the power to block all superhuman powers of the enemies.

菊王丸《Kikkoumaru》: Shinya Horie
A demon fed and raised since he was small form the Heike family. He has the power to transform into steel.

銀狼丸《Ghinroumaru》: Yuuki Kimizawa
Another demon of the Heike family. Opposite to Kikkoumaru, his behavior is really calm. He has the power to stop other people’s powers.

source:  E Theatrix

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team