We’re gradually releasing information about the new song 『Äkatsukizukuyo -DAYBREAKER-』which will be released on 1st October.

With it is the world’s first ever life-sized CD jacket which has garnered various responses from different people!

At the moment, the production of the jacket is progressing smoothly ^^

The decision to package it with removable clothes and a nude shot of GACKT has created much shock but
because it’s going to be at GACKT’s actual size,
it’s so big that we’re laughing!!

At a height of 180cm…
How on earth are you going to carry it?!

It will be released on 1st October but
the life-sized GACKT packaging is only available in the GACKT store!
And today’s the deadline!

The deadline arrives in 6 hours! (ndGI. 10 am GMT)
By all means, do get your hands on it!

Pre order: http://gackt-store-global.com/?pid=1262809

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team