《『Akatsukizukuyo -DAY BREAKERS-』Limited Edition, applications closing today!》

Huge number of responses in return to
『Akatsukizukuyo -DAY BREAKERS-』, the new song due to be released on 1st October.
With the world’d first ever Life-Sized Jacket!

Have you all applied for your copy?
It’ll be October by the time you recieve yours,
But the 『Life-Sized Jacket』 is only available for applications on the GACKT Store!
What’s more, today’s the final date for application!!

It’s being designed based off GACKT’s real height.. so it’ll be BIG!!
It’ll be just like having one extra person living with you, so you’d better start planning on where to put it

Shooting for the PV have come to an end, and we’re moving on smoothly onto the production!

Only 6 hours left!! (ndGI. 10 am GMT)
Don’t miss your chance!

☆Details here☆