《GACKT Voiced-Ringtone, Voting OPEN!!!》

「What would you love to have GACKT saying to you?」

The GACKT Official Facebook exclusive event☆
Messages you would love GACKT saying to you!!!

Firstly, a big thanks to everybody for all your submissions♪ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Finally, the time has come!!
It’s time for everybody to vote on their favorite messages!

In this fabulous event, the message with the most votes in this election,
Will be sent out with GACKT’s voice!!!

You’re probably all wondering what sort of messages were submitted, right? ^m^♪
This is your big chance to have your vote spoken to you by GACKT himself☆

Don’t hesitate to get your vote in

☆Voiced-Ringtone voting here☆