Hello everyone!
I’m a staff member of the MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hidden – stage production committee。
Today, i am going to introduce a portion of the story to everyone。


Since an era long ago,「Mononoke」had existed in this world。
Some appear no different from humans, some take on the appearance of beasts, yet others do not have substance/cannot be seen by human eyes.

Such Mononoke, possessing different/special abilities that humans do not have, are feared to bring about disasters or catastrophes. And sometimes they are held in awe and revered as ‘the incarnation of gods’.

Mononoke and humans have thus coexisted for a long time, eventually a new existence that did not belong to either side, was born.

The relationships between Mononoke and humans (that let to) those that have inherited the blood and different/special abilities —
They came to be called 「人に非ざる者」「not like humans」or「者ノ不」「mononofu」.

Mononofu possesses special abilities「power/chikara」and the types of special ability are known/shown only to their own kind.
There are those with the superhuman strength to crush huge boulders、those whose hands can heal all wounds.
Those who can predict the future, those who can read human minds.
Those who manipulate the elements of fire and water, those who can dance through the air.

As the number of mononofu gradually increase, those with special abilities start to govern the humans.
Along with the days and months, they expanded their forces in various parts of Japan, there are clans who prospered as warriors serving the Emperor, yet others clans became powerful and spread out to take control over vast lands.

Time flowed, (to) the late Heian period.
The clans of mononofu who had joined with royal blood, Heike and Genji.
They boast of huge power as samurai and their influence extended to misled/perplex even the Imperial Court.
Both clans swelling and rising up by the power they possess, their desires changed to become ‘I want to be the sole ruler over the whole nation’, and thus the fight between the two clans of mononofu began.

The gorgeous stage production showcasing the stage play!
Please look forward to it!

source: MOON SAGA official facebook
translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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