Hello to everyone reading GACKT’s Official LINE!
I have started to collect various topic in the news.
Everyone, are you enjoying
the new Youtube show “Game Centre”?

Today GACKT is also pushing forward towards the stage play in August
I think…

Once again, GACKT is reading
the comments left by all of you
And I had to reply (* ≧ ∇ ≦ *)

Through the Youtube video (channel)
Being able to talk to everyone
For GACKT who is super busy
It might be more soothing than anything ^^

Now, what comments should i reply to this time!?

As in the videos, please pay attention to the text below ♪

Nestle presents
「GACKT’s Game!? Game Centre!」
Date:Every day for 365 days from 2014年7月1日onwards!
Destination:YouTube Nestle Japan Official Channel