Good Morning everyone!

At rehearsals now
taking a break after completing GACKT Juku (cram school) – 2 hours of training involving muscle training and stretches!

GACKT is teaching the muscle training method
I am listening seriously!


GACKT demonstrating the half-raise muscle exercise
This abdominal muscle exercise is quite dangerous!

Mayoblog-luglio13-02 Mayoblog-luglio13-03

Tae-kwan-do and acrobatic skills are also taught!

From now onwards,
As we enter into the system of stage practices
Everyday, I can somehow taste a sense of accomplishment


For the 51-year old me
Somehow holding up my fist and lying down
Everyone who is working hard together with the young people
When they see Mr. Mayo, they will also say “I will work hard too!”

Mayo will never give up!