Hello! This is assistant producer Nakazawa!

The other day, there was a poster photo-shoot for the premium drama “Time Spiral” in a certain studio in Tokyo. Let me tell you about the photo-shoot!

A pure white studio set-up was used as the background.

NHK-Time Spiral-01
The cameraman and the art director had an in-depth discussion on the setting of the photo-shoot.

Oh, this is a rough version (of the poster)?

NHK-Time Spiral-02

Somehow it is rather cool – like a movie poster.

Once GACKT entered, the shooting began!

NHK-Time Spiral-03

GACKT plays the character, Shuya, a physics professor, who appeared in front of the heroine Aizawa Natsuki, played by Kuroki Meisa. However in truth, he is a lonely time traveller going back and forth, between the past and the future.

Please look at this beautiful appearance.

NHK-Time Spiral-04

In a white shirt matched with a quality scarf, the costume has a subdued tone that is the very image of a calm physics professor.

NHK-Time Spiral-05

But there are signs that this time traveller is full of mysteries that are not completely hidden.

This dual (character) is one of the highlights of the drama.

Just by looking at this shot, it’s guaranteed that the poster would be filled with the full mysterious charms of Shuya.

Ahhh, what will the poster be like, my heart is already pounding!

After this, Kuroki Meisa will be doing her photoshoot. I’ll tell you about it next week. Please look forward to it!

Premium Drama「Time Spiral」

Starting from 2nd September 2014 (Tuesday) for 8 consecutive weeks

BS Premium Every Tuesday 11.15pm~11.44pm

【Original Work】 Mizumori Eren「The Solvable Spiral」

【Screenplay】 Fujii Kiyomi

【Music】 Ike Yorihiro


Kuroki Meisa GACKT Hiraoka Yuta Taketomi Kiyoka Akimoto Naomi Kishimoto Kayoko Others


Fonte: NHK
Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team