《「Camui Zaibatsu presents: Off to meet GACKT Kenshin〜!!」 Now accepting applications!!》

Previously we announced “89th Kenshin-ko Festival, GACKT to Play Kenshin!!”..
Well, theres more too it!!
Good news to all those FC members who have applied by 15th June!

Camui♂Gakuen’s first ever 2 day 1 night open camp is on this year〜!

*applause* ♪

Where at?!
We’re talking about Camui♂Gakuen, there’s only one thinkable option!!

『う(U)ん!そ(S)うだ!!上(J)越へ行こう!!!』(Un! Sou da!! Jouetsu e ikou!!!: Yeah! That’s right!! Off to Joetsu!!!)

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There’s more!!!
I hear that You-senpai and Sato-senpai are also coming along on this open camp♪ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Well well…
What sort of open camp lessons are waiting to unfold?

I’m getting excited for this summer☆
Details here♪

GACKT Official HP – LOVERS Info


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