GACKT welcomed his 41st birthday on 4th July 2014. GACKT’s androgynous sex appeal, which has already attracted many women, is likely to be boosted further now that he has generously showed off his wild and sexy physical beauty once again.

Showing off his nude body in the “Love and Sex” special feature in [GLITTER] magazine, due for release on 7th July 2014, there will be various poses based around the theme of “domination and submission”, there will even be a full nude showcase!

Constantly advocating that one should be “a man among men before being an artist”, GACKT has continued with his training every day without fail, this time showing off with great pride his beautiful well-forged body, unbelievable for a 40 year old.


One of his nude photos from this special feature would be used for the jacket of the limited edition “world’s first life-size GACKT body pillow”, to be released together with GACKT’s 45th single titled [Akatsukiyo – Day Breaker] in October and only available on GACKT’s official site. An original photo different from the magazine would be used and we are looking forward to the form that GACKT would be showing off.

This year is the 15th anniversary of GACKT as a solo artist. During the fan club limited event on 4th July 2014, it was announced that there would be a [Last Visualiveツアー] which would bring to an end the [Moon Project] that had been going on the past 15 years. One of the aspects of the [Moon Project] is also the GACKT-produced stage play [Moon Saga – Yoshitsune Hiden – Second Chapter], which begins performances on 8th August. From the opening of the stage play to the [Last Visualive] in the summer of 2015, it is likely to be a very bustling 15th anniversary year for the GACKT fan!

Source: Barks-news
Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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