Singer GACKT (41) held a 『GACKT’s 41st BIRTHDAY&15th ANNIVERSARY』 in Tokyo on the 4th, his birthday. As GACKT welcomes his own birthday and the 15th anniversary of his solo debut, band member YOU was put in focus as well. During the event, members pretended to be “ghosts” creating an uproar as a prank, and GACKT was seen smiling.

Backup dancers and band members who appeared on this day said “recently, there has been something shaking the world”, “gossip magazines should be taboo” in reference to the “ghost writer” incident in front of GACKT and YOU. The members who were getting carried away said to YOU “Get your act together!” and rammed into him cheerfully while GACKT’s smile surfaced carelessly.

Members and fans wore grins as they wished GACKT, with cake and song, “Don’t lose to the wind and rain, so do your best and don’t lose to gossip magazines too”. Following that he said, “Slightly before this, I was also told by people to not steer away and always go straight while enjoying life and the flow. But I don’t think it’s possible to live such a dexterous way of life.”. Concluding, he said, “Although I may worry everyone, or irritate you sometimes, even now and until the end, I’ll live life as myself.” and the place erupted into applause.

In addition, he recalled memories with YOU who supported him ever since he went solo. GACKT mentioned, “When I came up to Tokyo at 26, more than half the members were having trouble dealing with the pressure and schedules. Amongst the member who were having trouble coping, when I heard YOU say 『aren’t you worried or troubled at all?』 I’d definitely reply 『I’m not that free -!』 . Though I realise I could have given him a better answer.”. YOU replied, “With the number of people calling, I was going to break”. GACKT said, “I was really strict huh” and laughed with YOU, showing us a strong bond of trust between them.

For the evening slot of the event, approximately 1000 people attended it. He has surprised fans with the announcement that he has taken on the challenge of a full nude photo shoot for 『GLITTER』 which will be released on 7th July, and that there will be a nationwide tour coming next summer.

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