★From the Secretary★ GACKT does a game commentary!?
For some reason
GACKT has been really into a game…
It’s probably because of that
that from today, on YouTube,
It seems like a show revolving around games!
In addition!
For 365 days, one whole year, there will be new updates daily!!!
The title is
Nestle Presents
「GACKT na Game!? Ga-Me Centre! -GaMeCentre-」
What’s a Ga-Me Centre…!?
From embarrassing games to
the newest games,
for 1 year
GACKT will play them all.
This may be something you don’t see everyday!?
From today onwards, check it out daily!
Here are the details!!
【Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? Ga-Me Centre! -GaMeCentre-」】
Length of program:Daily for 1 year from 1 July 2014
Time of upload:19:00 (For the first video on 1 July, 13:00)
Available on:YouTube Nestle Japan Official Channel
(Access it via the button above!)