Happy Sunday LOVERS!

How are you all? GACKT Italia Staff had the first Italian LOVERS meeting! It was yesterday in Gardaland and we had so much fun, it was tiring, but it was worth it!
The wonderful time spent in Gardaland was the last of three funny and intense days in which staff and GACKT Italia’s fans had fun and worked hard to create a particular birthday gift for GACKT…you will see it soon! We are grateful to all the people that supported us and had fun with us! But take a look at the last week now:

Takeshi Nakano shared a new photo with GACKT on Tuesday, check it:

Then we have the news of a new drama in which GACKT is going to star in:


Obviously, GACKT confirmed his role in his Official site GACKT.com and LINE, sharing some wonderful backstage’s photos:


GACKT wrote on Facebook two times, the first one he talked about his special Birthday event, the second one to anticipate something about Moon Saga ch.2, saying he will reveal something this week. Are you curious?



Then, as usual, GACKT Italia translated the blog and the Blomaga



That’s all, we wish you a wonderful week with GACKT and GACKT Italia! Kisu!