Hello LOVERS and Happy Sunday!

How is your weekend going? This week has been pretty frantic but not as much as the one who’s about to begin!! Are you ready for the first LOVERS meeting in Italy? Just a few days left!!

Let’s start now with the news regarding our beloved GACKT!
This week, GACKT has released his blogs and GACKT Italia has translated them immediately:


As you may know, August is getting closer and this year too, GACKT will enjoy the Jouetsu festival and he will be wearig the Uesugi Kenshin armor again. Apparently, from recently publications it seems that that Uesugi Kenshin was a woman. Surprising right?? Read the translation of this article:

This week has also being signed by an awful event; unfortunately more insulse and stupid gossip came out about GACKT and this time they attacked YOU too. GACKT Italia, all our staff and members are opposing to this infamous gossips and we are supporting GACKT and his loved ones and always will.
YOU has published an official statement denying all those gossips and we have translated it:

GACKT has also been very active on socials, as always, releasing an Official mail news and a facebook message:

These are all the most important news of this week. However this week was also full of anniversaries.


17th June 2009 – 17th June 2014 – 5 years since the release of Faraway


19th June 2002 – 19th June 2014: 12 years since the release of Moon


20th June 2007 – 20th June 2014 – 7 years since the release of Returner

And with this lil memories we want to wish you a wonderful weekend and week!!
Stay tuned with us to follo LIVE the LOVERS meeting on our social pages, you can find us on Facebook, twitter and also Instagram!

Have a wonderful day!