《89th Kenshin-ko Festival, GACKT to play Kenshin!!》

Right on our tail again this year!!
The annual Kenshin-ko Festival held at Jouetsu City, Niigata!

When it comes to the Kenshin-ko Festival…
Anyone from Niigata would know?!The lord, a.k.a. GACKT-Kenshin!!

Some may be thinking, “Wasn’t last year the last?!”…
Well it’s decided that GACKT Kenshin will be on the move!!

※GACKT’s appearance on 8/24(Sunday) only
Place:Niigata Prefecture, Jouetsu City
(Kasugayama-Castle ruins・Kasugayama-Castle Ruins Historic Plaza・Maizo-Bunka Center)

What’s more!!

Good news to all our FC Members who have completed registration by 15th June!

It’s on this year!!!

Camui♂Gakuen’s first ever 2 day 1 night open camp!!
After hearing your awesome Senpai is on board,
No choice but to go see The Lord himself♪♪

Look out for details, comming at a later date!!


Source: GACKT Official Facebook