On 5th June’s Downtown DX, the special episode “Over ¥100,000! Best 20 of Celebrities’ High End Shopping List” was re-aired and unreleased footage was unfortunately cut short on account of  broadcasting time.

In the unreleased footage, GACKT and IKKO’s surprising similarity was revealed, Hamaguchi Yoiko and Akina Minami, and Peace Ayabe mentioned something directed to mature women. (Not sure T^T)

Tomonori Jinnai told Matsumoto Hitoshi the reason behind the hype of the news of partinng of ways, and also the explosion of attacks on love on Nakamura Masaya when living alone. Kitajima Saburo also announced a new song dedicated to his beloved horse which cost ¥420million. Wada Akiko, who wore a celebrity dress, had a harsh talk, and the studio was set abuzz with Hisamoto Masami’s talk about his worries on old age.

Also, IMALU, Jaru Jaru Goto, Minegishi Minami and other celebrities shared their diferent opinions about the topic “Shows I Want or Do Not Want to See Myself Appear In”. On one hand, Watanabe Naomi, Jaru Jaru Hukutoku and a few others were on the side “Do Not Want To See” side, while the others had differing opinions.

Source:  News ameba


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