Happy Sunday LOVERS! How are you all doing?

Here we are with a new GACKT Italia Staff blog with all the news from this week. As you know, we talk about the news regarding GACK but also the ones that regard GACKT Italia and all our projects.

Today we start with these news, check out what we have planned for you!

GACKT Italia: Birthday Project Promo Video

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GACKT Italia is organizing the first LOVERS meeting in Italy

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You are going to participate, right? Do you like these projects? C’mon, let’s make our voices be heard, let’s make GACKT see how much Italy and Europe is waiting for him and we are always here for him, even if just from far away.

Now let’s talk about the GACKT news, let’s see what he did this week:

Four days after the deadline, he posted the Blomaga and his personal Blog and obviously GACKT Italia was the first one to translate them both in Italia and English:





…We know that there’s a lot that we should say about this last photo, but let’s move on and let’s don’t distract too much.
Let’s talk about the translation of this week’s interviews.

GACKT and the unexpected Moon Saga auditions


[Nikkansports] GACKT: I have no time to do drugs

GACKT has been really active on the social media this week, we can find three Facebook updates! Here’s the Italian and English translation:

[FACEBOOK] May 29th

Facebook 29 Maggio 2014

[FACEBOOK] May 30th

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[FACEBOOK] May 30th


And here is the translation of the LOVERS staff blog of May 30th:

STAFF Blog May 30th

2014-Staff Blog-30Mag-01

Today GACKT woke us up with a wonderful surprise: a video were he explains all the rules and regulations to join the Yasoukai XIII in Bali, that this year will be titled ~Moon and Darkness~, enjoy the video and read the translation below:

GACKT Official Youtube: Yasoukai XIII ~Moon and Darkness~ promo video and translation


That’s all for today. We’ll see you again next week with our Staff Blog, but you can find us every day here on GACKT Italia, on the forum and all our social!