《GACKT Official Fanclub G&LOVERS「Yasoukai XIII 〜Moon & Darkness〜」Entries closing soon!》

A GACKT Official Fanclub G&LOVERS custom、
「Yasoukai 〜Moon & Darkness〜」is going to be held again this year, in September

This year, it’s going to be held where we took the 2014 calendar shots, in BALI!!
Our staff are putting in all thier love and effort,
So all the LOVERS and fans out there can spend a precious week with GACKT♪

Entries are closing soon!! I can’t wait for September☆

GACKT Official HP – LOVERS info
『GACKT Presents For G&LOVERS 「Yasoukai XIII 〜Moon & Darkness 〜 in BALI」』
※ Entries limited to valid FC members who have signed up prior to 15th April.


Source: GACKT Official Facebook