“It has been certainly a nightmare”. The famous singer GACKT reflects in the title of his own film, the terrible memory of the suspicion about alleged tax evasion and fraud donations. rbbtoday

GACKT is now performing at the cinema with “AMUKU-CHAN, The movie”. It’s of pubblic domain by a blog updated on May 18th that everything related with the movie is now concluded. “I’m so sad – he has said in a moved voice – for its lenght, the film has required a very strong collaboration between the staff, the team e and the performers”.

Yesterday, during a farewell meeting from everyone who has worked on the film, GACKT said: “I’m not good at it. I hate moving to tears. I’d like to say it, in a funny way but I think that no one can do this properly”, even if in 2012 news about tax evasion were published.

In April, whoever has worked for the Original operating company of fan club and entertainment office was arrested, on suspicion of violating the corporate tax, and at the beginning of the film shooting, GACKT himself was object of rumors and a victim of such an attack from the right-wing organization.

But now GACKT thinks that those were all “funny rumors” and what has been “certaily a nightmare” makes him almost laughing.
Despite of the situation, the shooting continued and the media reported that GACKT wanted to say “thanks to all that have supported me, the productors and NTV”.

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Source: RBB  today