Good morning LOVERS! Happy Monday!
Today we post the Staff blog a day later, but we hope you’ll like it anyway. Last week was full of events  for GACKT, let’s see what happened:

On May the 12th, GACKT wrote on Facebook, here is the message he shared:

Facebook Translation May the 12th


the day after, GACKT Italia started the 2014 GACKT Birthday Project, read all about it here how to participate:

2014 GACKT Birthday Project


However, GACKT Italia is not satisfied yet. We’ve created a Promo Video. Have you already seen it? Nooooooo? Go watch it NOW!!!

GACKT Italia Promo Video


on May 14th, the LOVERS Staff Blog is released, where they talk about GACKT’s new project Moon Saga 2:

LOVERS Staff Blog May 14th Translation 


On May 15th sends out the Official Mail News, from now on  GACKT Italia will also give you the translation of these newsletter, to let everyone understand what’s written in them. Give it a look:

Official Mail News, May 15th


Then we have new interviews and articles about GACKT (who else?) translated by our amazing team:

Results for Moon Saga 2 auditions from the moon official site

Translation Cinemacafe interview


Presentation Results for Moon Saga 2 auditions


and now the translation of the GACKT Blomaga n.62 that GACKT posted on May 17th, where he seems a bit nervous…he is complaining about the Business Class on airplanes and he is talking about how his Staff should be as GLOBAL as possible, just like he is.

Blomaga OH!! MY!! GACKT!! n.62 Translation


GACKT’s Official Blog is also out, we are translating it, stay tuned!
This said GACKT Italia wishes you a wonderful week with us and first of all GACKT! Kisu~