16th May 2014

The results of the final audition for the leading actress!

From March the 31st, when it was announced that the auditions for the leading actress were finally opened, it has passed only one month and a half.

On May the 10th at Shibuya A-AX, Gackt has completed without problems the audition for “MOONSAGA – the mysterious Yoshitsune (Chapter 2), the beautiful girl who steal Yoshitsune’s heart”, a performance which is succeeding in working on the original, on the script, direction, leading roles and songs.
Although initially shocked for not being asked questions about nationality, age or sex, what has happened among the participants was almost a fight between more than 100girls!
But after a strictness examination, finally only 3 girls were chosen.

These are the 3 heroins:

Kuroda Arisa (Sony Music Artists)

Hatsune (Asian Promotion)

Hikaru Horiguchi (Blue Bear)

But this is not the real end. The girls have to do a very strict training to get the role of Hiyori! After succeeding in doing it, the winner can be on stage!
The 3 girls that are now allowed to be part of this new incredible experience, are going to be on the show on the 8th August, but only after their hard training.

Who will stole GACKT’s heart?

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MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden – Stage Production Committee