《Thanks to the fans, Stay tuned for the gift?》
Hey to all those keeping up with the GACKT Official Facebook
We’re very grateful to your following of our Facebook page.
Not only GACKT Staff, but GACKT himself are all
reading each and every one of your comments♪
Thanks to all!
From all these comments, we’ve also discovered this wonderful comment
>I’m so glad to see and hear GACKT-sama himself… (ღˇᴗˇ)。o♡
I’m definitely going to watch the movie (*^^)v
I’m glad that you’re glad!
Since I’m on it, how about I make a GACKT voiced-ringtone^^
What would you love to have GACKT saying to you?
I’ll be taking ideas in the near future,
Come on and voice your thoughts~☆