Goodday LOVERS!
How are you all?

This has been a really busy week! A lot of things have happened but especially we have a lot of news about our beloved GACKT!
As you may know, yesterday Akumu-chan the movie has been finally released in all Japanese theaters!
During this week, GACKT has been very busy with interviews and TV shows:


These are just some of the interviews that GACKT attended, we will be posting the translation of all the other interviews very soon. As you may have noticed, GACKT Italia is trying to be fully bilingual, but translating from Japanese it’s not easy and it takes quite some times, we apologize for the inconvenience… but don’t worry! Stay tuned and you’ll find out all the most important news soon!

As I was saying before, yesterday was Akumu-chan day! The movie has finally been released in cinemas and GACKT attended the première event together with the other actors from the cast:

Schermata 2014-05-03 alle 08.35.30

The movie release unleashed the net giving us a lot of photos, videos and interviews! Here are some of the most important news:

gackt video

Recently GACKT has been more active on facebook and, as we have already said in our Fanzine too, his attention towards overseas fans are becoming stronger! He has in fact release some facebook messaged and a video completely bilingual and subbed both in English and Japanese! GACKT Italia obviously translated all the contents almost live and you can find them in the FACEBOOK section of our website.


GACKT has also created a new app to customize your facebook cover in collaboration with Akumu-chan The movie! You can find all the instruction in  this post.

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Furthermore, before the release of the movie, the Akumu-chan special aired on Friday! You can already find the video of the episode on our website; we will be posting subs very soon!

As for GACKT ITALIA, we keep sharing with you GACKT’s DAILY QUOTES and we are working for you, as always, so be ready to wait for a lot of news and updates in the next days!! We are obviously super curious to know what you all think about these news and photos, so heat up the comment box below and let your voice be heard!

Have a nice Sunday and a Wonderful week everyone!!