How y’all doing?
Seems like lots of things happening around these days,
but I got no time to listen to that nonsense.
Too much that needs to get done.

How’d you find Pressure Battle last week?
This time I’ll be appearing on “Sekai-Ichi Uketai Jugyou(The Most Useful School in the World)”
What? School President?
This ain’t Camui Gakuen.That’s an aquaintance of mine.
You’re confusing yourself!

I found it pretty interesting
learning about all this advanced technology.
It might not be all that bad making TV appearances once in a while.
Doesn’t change the fact I’m not made for this stuff though…

Btw, heads up,The shows on at 7.56PM.
Why not 8?
What’s up with the 4 minutes?
Teach me THAT in class!

Well anyways, It’s comming right up…
Kneel in front of the TV patiently guys.
…Just kidding.

Handstand while you wait!

This weekend
You’ll have plenty of chances to catch me on TV or in movies…
Go ahead, watch the bad-at-tv me
and laugh to your heats content..

Well, Cya!