From single GACKT point of view. Recently also as an Actor he left his footprint in the “Akumu chan” move too. Shiti Takashi, a brave scientist that also is a beautiful Prince Charming. “Will this man be an angel or a devil?” he is portraying with bravery the mysterious Shiki, whom speeches sometimes may seem a lil senseless. His purity is in the charm and specially because of this he’s cruel and hurts people. The movie is really peculiar and it also include the message that purity of some people can change other people.

GACKT’s goal is “to spur people” that is also the goal of this movie. “My goal is to find the moment when I can give a thrust forward to people”. Since I have this sencibility, I keep going on stage. I myself at 19 years old, when I was in a very difficult moment of my life, have been taught from a certain person to stand tall in our beliefs so I started this job. After my meeting, timing and proper situation are very important too. Obviously there can be people that, even if I have met them, they don’t have been affected. People that react to my presence got a good timing. I think that when a lot of things are in the right place, if those people come forward towards me step by step in good state of mind, then I found a sense that makes me live. I just declared that I have no intention to walk dragging around, but to walk hand by hand. And right when I leave my hand, people that don’t have the will to walk and just sit they become nosy. To stand up and try to catch my arm, becomes just an occasion to do it. Even if the path has been show, it’s something that must come from within yourself like courage and anything else, you need to walk with your own feet. Because sometimes I’m cold, it seems like I’m abandoning, but maybe in reality this could be one of the kindest thing. On another point of view, because I think the future for children is to support them, I worry a lot especially in the snowboard business, that is my hobbie, not to let this popularity, due to Olympics, to end like a momentary fever, I wish you could all have more fun with the family.

Italian Translation: Silvia
English Translation: Erika

Original interview: MRS. LIVING. JP

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