NIKKANSPORTS.COM: GACKT “immediately declined” acting as a high school student

The Tonde Saitama movie (releasing 22 February, directed by Takeuchi Hideki) Japan premiere, starring Nikaido Fumi (24), was held in Tokyo on the 28th.

The original version of it was a gag manga that is set in a fictional world where Saitama citizens are being snubbed by Tokyo-ites. Nikaido, who took on the challenge of acting a male role for the first time, appealed, “Please look forward to the dissing of Saitama being turned into love”. GACKT (45), who is acting as a high school student, revealed, that “When I first heard that the role was that of a high school student, I immediately declined”.

Other individualistic people like Iseya Yusuke (42) and Kyomoto Masaki (60) were also gathered. When Nikaido said, “It was as if everyone who represented their own planets all came to gather on earth, as if everyone came back all at once. It felt like I was the most decent one. I thought, I have to take care of things properly”, GACKT followed it with “I thought I was the most decent one”. Furthermore, GACKT said with a bitter laugh, “It was the first time that would meet Kyomoto-san, and when I went to his dressing room to greet him, he said, “We finally get to meet~. But, you know, we’re the same type, aren’t we”. Without thinking, I blurted “Are we?”. Kyomoto’s world is amazing”. On the other hand, Kyomoto appeared happy as he said, “We didn’t get to meet in 15 years. During that time, no matter where I went, I’d keep getting
compared to him”.

Also, Shimazaki Haruka (24), who is a native of Saitama, was smiling as she said, “The day when I can confidently say that I come from Saitama has come. Because something that I can be proud of has been made. Until now, there has only been the Saitama Super Arena after all”.

Nakao Akira (76), Masuwaka Tsubasa (33), Brother Tom (62), and Kato Ryo (28) were also in attendance.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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