GACKT OFFICIAL NEWS: Movie Karanukan DVD to be released!

GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

The DVD for Karanukan the movie will be released!

It is a movie that stars musician and actor GACKT!
Ex-gymnast and new talent Kimura Suzuka, who was selected through an audition, takes on the role of the heroine Maumi!!
The scenery of the awe-inspiring Yaeyama is depicted in the fortuitous encounter between the main character and the young lady.
The one behind the megaphone is Hamano Yasuhiro, who is also the lifestyle producer of 『さかなかみ/SAKANAKAMI』.
This is a beautiful love story between a man and a women which cuts out the lights and shadows of Okinawa, where primitive power thrives.


GACKT Kimura Suzuka Akiyoshi Kumiko Kato Tokiko Omine Nobutaka Jinnai Sho Kazuma Shinnosuke Takaesu Ryo Isso Maki Kimisawa Yuuki Inoshita Masaki Kimura Yuichi Others


Original Work/Director: Yasuhiro Hamano
Screenplay: Yuko Iwashita, Yoshikazu Sugiyama
Cinematographer (Tokyo): Kano Tenmei
Cinematographer (Okinawa): Choji Nakahodo
Theme Song: Marlene 「Ai ni nare」
(Composer: Tokiko Kato, Lyrics: Yasuhiro Hamano, Music: Blue Sky Orchestra)

Production:Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. / General Foundation Beach & Field Protection Association / Hamano Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Producer: KATSU-do Co.,Ltd.
Production company: Thefool INC. / Sugar Train Inc.

In addition to the actual movie itself, which is included in Karanukan Standard Edition DVD, which will go on general sale,
there will be bonus footage, a not-for-sale 12-page booklet, and GACKT 8-page photobook included in the Karanukan Special Edition DVD
that will be on sale exclusive to GACKT OFFICIAL FAN CLUB G&LOVERS members in the GACKT STORE!

Main part / Bonus footage (Making-of Karanukan ~Behind the scenes~ / 9th Okinawan Film Festival stage greeting / GACKT interview / Heroine audition / trailer)
≪Duration≫ T.B.C.
≪Enclosed bonus≫ Not-for-sale Karanukan 12-page booklet
≪Exterior≫ 3-sided case
1 DVD / single-sided,dual-layer/coloured / 16:9 / Dolby Digital / 5.1ch surround sound

≪G&LOVERS Exclusive Order Bonus≫
GACKT 8-page photobook
※Specially selected solo cuts of GACKT from stills during movie production!

Release date: 20 Feb 2019 (Wed)
Price: 7,800 yen + tax
Product number: YRBN-91224
POS: 4571487574897

Publisher: Yoshimoto Music Entertainment

Order the G&LOVERS Karanukan Special Edition with Bonus in the GACKT STORE
Order deadline is Friday, 18 January 2018

For the Standard Edition and other information, please visit Yoshimoto Music Entertaiment’s official site below.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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