On GACKT’s NicoLive Special, Hamasaki Ayumi Makes Her First Appearance  Over 100,000 People Watched Their Luxurioius Interaction


To celebrate the renewal of GACKT’s official channel 「OH!! MY!! GACKT!!」 on 「niconico」, a special program, with Hamasaki Ayumi as a guest, was broadcast on July 29 (Fri).

Before the program began, more than 10,000 people were already online and waiting. After the very beginning of the program, during which GACKT and Ayumi’s music videos were being streamed, at around 22:00, the videos switched to show a room in one of Tokyo’s hotels, where the MC and GACKT appeared. In front of the comments from the fans, who have patiently awaited his appearance, which were celebrating the renewal of the 「OH!! MY!! GACKT!!」channel, was GACKT. Without delay, the first commemorative guest, Hamasaki Ayumi, was called in.


When Hamasaki appeared, the viewers who have eagerly awaited for the chance to see them together sent in an avalanche of comments. With comments like 「Ayu kawaiiーーー (Ayu is cute)」, 「Ayuuuuuuu」, 「Ayu and Gaku-chin should do a collab」 and many more, the audience showed an unprecedented level of excitement, as GACKT and Hamasaki toasted, delighted at their reunion. This being Hamasaki’s first time on Nico Live, we also saw her surprise at the 「88888888888」applause.

On the program, they collected questions from the viewers. 「I have thick underarm hair, what should I do?」 was a question that Hamasaki read for the MC, to which she said 「If Gaku-chin was hairy I’d never accept it though, but I think that depending on the person, it can be alright to be hairy」. GACKT found it hilarious, and shared a funny example of his thorough aesthetic sense towards his own dancers on stage. Just as things were getting into full swing,  the MC suddenly announced 「With this email, we will end」, to which viewers filled the screen with comments like 「Eeeeeehhhhhh wwwwwww (lolololol)」, 「There are more aren’t there  www (lolol)」, 「I want to see more of the two of them! Extend! Extend!!」, expressing their reluctance of the program ending.

The two of them appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed the real-time 2-way communication with the viewers, which is unique to Nico Live. Hamasaki even said 「That was really fun!」, and GACKT, too, said 「I’m glad to have been able to hear Ayu’s way of thought away from TV, in this manner」. The program was also greatly boosted by the Nico Live viewers inputting their own comments to communicate with GACKT and Hamasaki Ayumi in real time. It seems like everyone thoroughly enjoyed the splendid once-in-a-lifetime co-starring.


Source: Dwango.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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