The High Level Poker Push & Pulls Puts GACKT in a Great Mood 「That was a wonderful match」

AbemaTV’s “Produced by GACKT! POKER×POKER ~Industry One-on-One Tournament”, where representatives from various industries come together to battle against each other in one-on-one games of Texas Hold’em. In the episode broadcast on 10th August, a skilful psychological battle unfolded between soccer world representative, Matsuki Yasutaro and actors world representative, Shirota Yu, putting even GACKT, who is well-versed in poker, in a great mood.

In the first round, Shirota’s reading hit the nail on the head. “ (Matsuki) probably has a 9 or 10 pair”. Shirota, who was holding onto a much stronger Q (queen) pair, drew Matsuki in with a smaller bet, and then, they opened their cards. “Whoa, it’s exactly what I guessed!”. GACKT, who got excited over Shirota’s casually accurate reading, complimented Shirota’s tactics too, saying, “That was an amount that was very easy (for Matsuki) to play as well”. In the second round, Matsuki quickly backed down with his keen reading, and GACKT, too, guessed that Shirota “holds an A (Ace)”. When the cards were opened, as predicted, there indeed was an A in Shirota’s hand, and GACKT said, “As expected, you’re pushing with A after all. Old man Ace”, making everyone laugh when he called the handsome actor an old man.

Matsuki, who attacked aggressively, managed to get a straight in the third round, thus winning it. GACKT said, “You’re definitely have it in yout hand”, referring to the 4 card (2, 3, 5, and 6 were on the board) that he would need to achieve a straight, and as predicted, he did indeed have it. GACKT was again overjoyed, exclaiming, “You had the 4!”. As Matsuki said “Sankyuー (Thank you)” to the dealer when receiving his chips, GACKT did not forget to throw in a calm jab, saying “This is someone who can communicate in Japanese”.

In the 5th round, Matsuki caught Shirota’s bluff and when he realised the truth, he exclaimed, “Ooh, it’s a bluff!!”. And when Matsuki established an A pair in his hand, he hit the board and said “It appeared!!”, making it the highlight of this episode. “Obrigado (Thank you)”. When Matsuki said this as he received his chips, GACKT, too, pointed and repeated “Obrigado”, drawing laughter. Shirota put all his chips in with an all-in bet in the 6th round, and although both of them held one pair of K (King) each, Matsuki won because his hand also included an A. “That was a wonderful match”. To these two players who brought a high level of competition with them, GACKT gave them an unstinted applause. In next week’s broadcast on 17th August, we will see winner Matsuki take on the winner of the August tournament’s first battle, variety idol world representative, Okai Chisato in the finals.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA