GACKT Official Weibo update. Translation below:

Las Vegas, it’s so hot now.

From all over the world gathered many professional poker players.
And there’re also many poker lovers came because of this grand event.
This time, the participants for all events exceeded 110,000 people.
The total prize exceeded 25 billion yen, it’s crazy.

As expected of the world class competition…

To take part in this World Series for the first time,
I came to Las Vegas, but the huge number of people make me sick.

I was in the gym since morning,
and first did my training.
I have to properly prepare my body and then went for poker.
Everything starts from here.

Different competitions are being held in different areas,
but today, I’ll be joining the Casino High Roller called Aria.

I wonder how far can the results of my practice thus far can bring me…

I decided to try this competition, with a prize money of around 50 million yen as the first one.
Apparently, it looks like I’ve grown a little myself.
Although I wasn’t very conscious of it.
But am I able to read my opponent’s hands.

Despite having ups and downs, I was able to steadily kick the other players off.
After 7 hours I was able to remain in the final table.

I was able to catch the flow and in no time I became the chip leader, victory was before my eyes,
but the result was an upset (the opponent who wasn’t very lucky suddenly draws a number of reversal card),
and I lost my position as chip leader.

This situation continues until the end,
and I finished in 4th place.

It seems like there was no Japanese who has ever made it to the final round, and I’m the first one.

Many people asked “Are you a professional player?”

“No, I’m a musician…”

was what I always replied.
As usual, after asking my name, they would search GACKT in youtube,
and said while watching the videos:

“What is this stage? I’ve never seen it before!!!”

Of course!
I’ve been doing what no one else has ever done throughout these 20 years.
Being surprised is normal…

I thought,

while talking with the player: “Do you know that if you don’t focus on the game you’ll lose?”
And I became close to the player who was at the same table.

In the end,
although I didn’t win, but I became good friends with many professional players and businessmen, so I wasn’t hooked on the result…
But I think the photo at the end showed my not content to defeat face.

so frustrating~~~~~~!!!!”

I’m more pissed that I did my reading wrongly than having not being able to take the first place!
Ahhh~~~~~such a disgrace……

I’ll put in even more effort tomorrow…
Now, I’ll head back to the hotel and work.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA