Despite lacking sleep I started training since morning.

I’ve managed to confirm that I can train such a body using only my own body weight.
Mm, it looks like this training method is really effective.

Before the poker tournament I took a moment to enjoy myself while having tea.

Actually, last night, we were researching the different methods of play for each player who won in the competition.

Like their habitual expressions, hand arrangements, and more.
Partly because of that, I managed to get today’s result of placing second while getting through the second day of preliminaries.

Honestly, the hand that I got in yesterday’s 9 hours was the worst.
I only had 4 hands that could put up a fight.
I spent 9 hours.

Considering that I can even have such a day, that can be said to be an the epitome of poker.
It does not mean that you will lose just because your cards are bad or weak.
It’s all about how you carry the game.

Obviously your opponent can’t see what your hand is.

That’s why, you have to subtly give the impression that your cards are strong when you lay your chips, and make use of the cards on the board to act it out.
You can then win with cards should normally be considered a losing hand.

It’s like how paper beats rock.
When you look at the list below, you can see I lost my 1st place to a player called Rivera on the second day of preliminaries, who only had 90,000 points the previous day.

In other words, this person won more than 10 fold in just one day.

Once you give up on chance, it’s all over.
This is a life lesson.

Ahーーー, deep.
Although I was able to end yesterday with 730,000 points, there was actually a period of time when I fell all the way down to 400,000 points.
If I became disheartened, the end result would have been very different.

This too, is life.

You don’t only aim with one hit, but instead you build up your chances.
When a big wave comes your way, and if you’re able to ride it well, you get above it in one go.
This too is life.

Hm〜〜〜, that’s too deep. I still have much to study.

There really is a lot to learn from all the professionals.
I guess it’s a blessing to be able to participate in a tournament with the world’s top players.

Just a little more to the final table!!!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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