Documentary Photo Book (With Engraving)
Important notice on Engraved Content

We have found a shortfall in the engraving data, and are now re-entering the data.

For the G&LOVERS members who were unable to proceed after inputting their membership numbers and phone numbers, and those who found that the performance date/seat number which they attended for could not be found, the issue might be due to a shortfall during data re-entry, so please try ordering it again after the data has been re-entered. We deeply apologise for this inconvenience.

※Expected time/date for data entry completion: Oct 14 (Fri) 18:00
※As the item will remain in stock, please do not worry about it going out of stock before the aforementioned date.

■To customers who have already completed their orders
If when ordering you have selected for the engraving of「Performance date / venue / seat number」, and wish to change the engraving information, due to there being customers being affected by the aforementioned shortfall in data, after the data has been re-entered (after Oct 14 (Fri) 18:00) you may once again order the engraving which you want. By getting in touch with us through the CONTACT page, we can cancel your first order (process refund).


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA