In Harajuku, at Abema TV studio, on october 01st (Sat) the 「Poker Challenge」has been held and GACKT-sama appeared.

The incadescent fight was against 8 poker top players active in Japan and abroad

Unfortunately, GACKT lost in the sixth round, not only true poker lovers with their specific comments, but also the viewers who aren’t familiar with poker have been fascinated by the aggressive style of play.

GACKT Advent! It’s possible to watch the「Poker Challenge」here

GACKT-sama’s bounty and the the winner of the challenge Takahiro Nakai-san were both the winner in the Championship

Nakai-san has been invited to 「Paradise City」open Trophy 2017

AJPC is planning others poker’s events in which the celebrity GACKT-sama will appear, please stay tuned.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA