Max Murai Blog: GACKT-san came to AppBank’s office to play!?


So anyway, he came.
On a summer day.


2nd picture.
In burst shots.
(They’re subtly different)


3rd picture.
Yeah, burst shots.
(They’re subtly different)


Those captured in this photos are, from the left,

Without titles
Producer of Othellonia 「Nihira P」
Middle-aged guy in red 「Max Murai」
Devil King 「GACKT」
Othello world champion 「Takanashi」

That day, I
Competed against GACKT-san in Othello.

GACKT-san is strong at othello too!? A hardcore showdown with world champion commentary!! – YouTube

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Max Murai – YouTube

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Then, we also competed in Othellonia!

GACKT vs Max Murai! Othellonia Showdown! 【Loser gets a penalty】 – YouTube

With that


It’s Max Murai.

At the beginning of the previous diary (Max Murai Diary) I wrote a little about this as well but,
I’ve organised my photos from the past few months,
and somehow, while reminiscing, I’ve written an entry!

Why do I know GACKT-san?

is something that I’ve been asked but,
that is something that happened a year and a half ago.

I was honored to have been invited as a guest to GACKT-san’s game playthrough program,
Game Centre, on YouTube, which was where we first met.

Max Murai Appears as a Guest! GACKT × Monster Strike #1 【Nestle Presents GACKT na Game!? Ga-Me Senteru! -Game Centre-】 – YouTube

This was the first time we met.
A few minutes after that, filming started!

It appears that GACKT-san originally reads AppBank,
and came to know of me through there, then

「Let’s do something together sometime with a bang」

he said.

And, this was behind the scenes but,
during the handshake from moment we met, he crushed my right hand.

GACKT-san has an unbelievable grip strength!!!

Involuntarily, I crumbled from waist up.

My friendship with GACKT-san started there.

Since then,
he made a special appearance in 「MAX THE MOVIE」,
invited me to the Kobe Film Festival and we went on stage together,
let me join his delightful parties,
invited me to watch his stage play and concerts,
took care of me.

(GACKT-san’s tours and stage plays are really something amazing that you absolutely have to go for!)

Even if you searched 「GACKT」 on the Max Murai Channel
a variety of videos come up.

Max Murai – Search for GACKT on YouTube

GACKT-san is
a very caring older brother figure,
who often drops me a message asking “how are you?”,
and he trains his body with his life, building his abs and all,
and he’s extraordinarily strong with alcohol
like he can casually drink 10 shots of tequila in one go,
He is someone who is endeared by many.

And, he’s the only one in this world to call me 「Max」.

Even as I refer to myself as 「Max Murai」,
90% of the public
call me


that being the case, there is basically no one
in the company who would normally call me 「Max Murai」,

And among the occasional talents or idols
who come and join us in broadcasts as guests,
there are those who would call me

「Max Murai-san」, using my full name but,

that is actually a rare occurrence.

In addition, as an even rarer case,
there are rare occasions when filming in the streets or on location,
passers-by will take note and say,

「Ah, isn’t that Max Murai?」

in that context.

Even in the subway there may be some who whisper among themselves,

「Ah, Max Murai? Is that him? Or not?」

using my full name in that sense.

(In short, that’s how they refer to me in special circumstances.)

… I’ve strayed from the topic but,

what I want to say,

isn’t really something to note but,

it’s that GACKT-san calls me 「Max」 in real life too.


The other day, I’ve probably mentioned it in the Othellonia video as well but,
during a party early this year,
I got drunk and threw up,
and since then
I’ve been called

「Gero-kusu Murai」… (Makusu Murai = Max Murai, Gero-kusu Murai = Puke-x Murai)

Wh- what a disgrace!!

This is abrupt but, that’s all!!


Translation: GACKT Italia Team

Translation © GACKT Italia