Live is born in the warm sea.
Born in the ebb of the tide,
there is something that you can only get from the water that comes and goes in the flow of the river, the flow of the tide.
Humans were born here
We cannot reclaim even more land going forward.
We should not kill even more.
Humans, and nature and animals
Feel and give together
And when given, it should be shared
As mangroves are weak plants,
they are forced to the waterfronts.
Because humans who have neoteny are considered as weak as well,
they are forced to the waterfronts.
The waterfront, where land meets the seas and rivers
Even if there is no nuclear power, or concrete, or wars,
life is protected and created.
You don’t have to do anything, it’s good as long as you can live everyday happily.

To the morning of cranking up the Okinawa chapter of the movie Karanukan



Karanukan Director’s Diary
\(^o^)/ Hooray!
Underwater filming, success! So
Everyone, the heroine, hair & make-up, the stylist, assistant director
are all in a sportive mood.
Only 2 cuts left on land!



We’ve finished filming.
We’re done with the Okinawa locations for Karanukan. Just then, right before my eyes a stark white coral reef floated.
That’s it! That long white coral reef still awaits.
Me and a few others headed over.
Gentlemen! Well done. While feeling so joyous that we could weep, not a person complained of the heat, and I was surrounded by only friends.
Tokyo chapter, editing, sound, and promoting awaits.
I am rather happy. Filling emptiness with uniqueness is what pushes me forward.


I wonder way? I ended up hesitating….
I’m good at wimming with clothes on but,
now there are only 2 shoots left untill the final one so,
even if it’s not like me, I felt a strong sense of duty.
Anyway, my head starts looking toward the editing session in Tokyo and what is left of this Okinawan seasons.


Source: Yasuhiro Hamano Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA