GACKT’s 43rd BIRTHDAY PARTY has been decided!!

The organization of GACKT’s 43rd BIRTHDAY PARTY has been decided!!
Let’s celebrate all together GACKT’s 43rd birthday also this year。

All the members who have been involved in the LAST VISUALIVE until one day before this at Saitama Super Arena
will expose the behind-the-scenes of the tour!!
All sorts of stories will be revealed!!

Location:ANA InterContinental Tokyo first floor
Akasaka, 1-12-33 Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Date:2016/7/4 (Mon)

《Aftenoon Session》
Registration stars 11:30〜
Doors open at 12:45〜
Start 13:30〜
Scheduled end 16:30

《Evening Session》
Registration start 16:30〜
Doors open at 17:45〜
Start 18:30〜
Scheduled end 21:30

◆Per session (afternoon ・evening)  50,000 Yen (1 ticket per person per application)
◆Afternoon ・Evening set 80,000 Yen (1 ticket per person per application)
※All seats are designated, prices include taxes, service charge, course meal, free-flow drinks, and participant gift

《Dress Code》
Women:Yukata, Kimono, Cocktail dress, one-piece dress worn at weddings, etc.
Men:Yukata, Kimono, suit, tuxedo, jacket, etc.
※there’s no changing room in the hotel。

※The information is valid as of now. Changes may occur.
 For the latest information, please refer to 「GACKT OFFICIAL WEBSITE」.
※More details will be announced at a later date.
※Please refrain from making inquiries directly to the hotel.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA