Translation of GACKT’s tweets from September 20th


Right now I’m receiving lots of pictures from yesterday from the Student Council President of Canui Gakuen〜 Looks like everyone had fun. I didn’t go to Kishidan Banpaku~ what a pity.

Oh yeah, are there pictures that you guys took?

Last night, the Student Council President kept sending me a hell lotta photos… overwhelming…

I had shoots today and yesterday…

The Kishidan event is still going on right? Because I didn’t want to get in the way… I’ll show you some of the pictures I got.

『GACKT!!! Look♡』he said. What an adorable guy.


Ahー, come to think of it, he sent a picture with the caption『the dispute against Kishidan has started〜♡』. I set that as my icon.

Later, was a meeting held before the actual performance.


This picture is of him making a stage drink for his juniors. The student council president is such a nice guy… he’s also taking care of what is being put in…


This is, during the live?? I think… For some reason I can see toilet paper…


.@ShowAyanocozey By the way, isn’t this T-Shirt bad? Yoruteikubi… you called it… what’s that mean??

Last is this. I dont know if it was decided or not… well, it’s great, looking everyone had fun. Isn’t it just the right time to get even more excited now? Those who are having fun at Kishidan Banpaku, put in KiAi and enjoy it until the end.


Also, Sho-kun and the Yoruteikubi…

Well then, lastly. Shall we all say it together〜〜??? Today’s trendin topic is『Yoruteikubi〜〜〜!!』I guess. Let’s go!!

This Student Council President… he’s pretty bad. He said『I didn’t get the Yoruteikubi T-shirt!!!]… are you a kid!


Alーright, well then, it’s about time to go. Back to shooting. Everyone wear those T-shirts and send your selfies here. Maybe I’ll use them in my fanclub report… It’s kinda erotic in a good way… well then, everyone’s waiting for me!!See ya.

Source: GACKT Official Twitter

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team