Exclusive broadcast of 「Kishidan Banpaku 2015 ~Boso! Put up a fight! Unparalleled! Delusional! Maniacal! Run wild! 」on WOWOW!

The broadcast will air for 6 hours each day, with a total of 12 hours of broadcasting!
Before the live broadcast of the performances, free viewing is available for the prologue program and a special pre-performance broadcast program!

It is scheduled that in December 2015, on WOWOW Live(BS-192ch)
the events of 19 and 20 September will be broadcast for 6 hours on both days, for a total of 12 hours of broadcasting.
After the details have been confirmed, they will be announced on the program’s official site.

Free broadcast on 28 Nov 2015(Sat)on WOWOW Live(BS-192ch)

【Special pre-performance broadcast】
Free broadcast on December 2015 on WOWOW Prime(BS-9ch)

As the two programs, the prologue and the special pre-performance broadcast, are being broadcast for free, as long as you can tune into BS, you will be able to view it.

For more details, please refer to the program’s official site
→ http://www.wowow.co.jp/kishidan

※Please understand that the program schedule or contents may be changed without notification.

Source: GACKT.com

Translation: GACKT Italia Team

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