DM for the [LAST VISUALIVE] tour has started delivery
*This is only applicable for members who joined the fanclub by 31 August 2015.

For enquiries about non-receipt of the DM, please contact G&LOVERS [] via email between 10th (Thu) to 14th (Mon) September.
We will not be entertaining other enquiries not pertaining to non-receipt.

Please put the below text into your email to enquire.
• Subject: Non-delivery of [LAST VISUALIVE] DM
(If there is no subject line please put it in the body of the text)
• Body: Name • Membership number • Address

*Please understand that we cannot reply to each individual enquiry for this enquiry of non-receipt.

[For new members who joined between 16 July ~ 31 August]

Your membership number will be written next to the DM subject label.
As we will only send the membership documentation on a later date, please keep this well.

The receipt number for this time will be your 9-digit membership number plus the first 3 digits of the postal code of the address you used when applying into G&LOVERS. it will be a total of 12 digits.
For example
Membership number: 123456789
Registered G&LOVERS address postal code: 000
Receipt number: 123456789000


Translation: GACKT Italia Team

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