90th Kenshin Kousai page is accepting orders! [Sales of a limted quantity of pamphlets has been decided]

※ the photos above referres to previous editions. They won’t be on sale.

On next August 22nd and 23rd, the 90th Kenshin Kousai will take place!
Following last year, this year too has been decided that GACKT will take part in the reenactment of the departure for the front line. It will surely be a great success!

On the Joetsu Times, since the appointment of GACKT for the departure from the front line, till that very day that will overflow with enthusiasm, will be collected datas about this Kenshin Kousai, to deliver you the spirit of your hometown throughly.

It’ll be on sale in stations, convenience store, and in the Joetsu Times Co. over-the-counter too.
Please, buy it and give it a look.

The newspapers are 110 yen each (tax included)


[Reservation acceptance start!]
Insertion page [set unit] reservation . Orders acceptance has started.

Every year, this magazine meets a great popularity so plenty of copies have been prepared but, there’s the possibility it gets out of stock.
In that case it will be sending to you only one of the sets ordered.

The shipping will follow the reservation order so we recommend you to order your copy as soon as possible.

The magazine is 110 yen each. 1100 per set of all the different copies (110 yen x n.of copies)
Shippment costs excluded.

(Reference) last year’s postage (commission fees) here http://kie.nu/26ik.
The fees might have changed.
Refer to the official postage information released on July the 24th

※ Fees are different from area to area
whether ordered with a ‘book package shippment or not’
If you order with a book package shippment you have to buy at least one set.

The articles will the shipped with the payment form. Please go to the nearest post office with that to pay within 2 weeks.


As the exective commitee of the Kenshin Kousai decided, this issue’s pamphlet costs 500 yen and you can order it from our company too.

If you wish to buy it, sent the application form via mail / object: ‘request’.

※We will procede in order of arrival so there’s the possibility we run out of stocks. Thanks for your understanding.

For any enquire about the pamphlet please wait until the Joetsu Times is released.


Since we are sending all the sets together the shipping will procede from middle september

Thank you for your understanding.


Make your application through the application form below


Once you sent the request form you’ll receive an automatic confirmation mail.

If there are unclear points please contact us through mail or phone.

※※Be careful※※
Before ordering check the details on [times-hb@joetsu.ne.jp ] .

★If you are not able to use the form above please sent an e-mail to our company address (times-hb@joetsu.ne.jp) with your order. For details refers to our home page.

You can also order it through our telephon number

TEL: 025-525-6666

Acceptance period: from monday to saturday – from 9:00 to 17:30 (sunday and holidays excluded)

※We will ask about the following 7 points

Thank you for your support.


※ If you can’t use the order form sent us a mail as follows to times-hb@joetu.ne.jp

①Postal code
④Telephone number
⑤Number of sets
※The number of sets are around 10 every year (last year there were 11)
⑥If you wish to buy the pamphlate at the same time of the publication
※one set per one copy of the magazine
⑦Delivery time, and book package shipping option.
※With the book package shipping option the postage fees are reduced but you’ll have to order at least 2 sets.

If you make your order through mail youl receive an automatic reply of confirmation within 3 working days.
If by any chance you don’t receive it, contact us.

Source: J-TIMES.JP

Translation: GACKT Italia Team

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