GACKT ITALIA FANZINE - December 2017 - Merry Christmas

Every year we love to gather all the Xmas wishes. Why? Cause we wanna show you how important you are for everyone in the world and we love to give the LOVERS the opportunity of sending you all their love. Of course, the people that love you, are far more than that, cause the whole world feels this. The whole world want to thank you for what you are, for what you do. But someone wanted to write you and show you, that’s why we will go on with this projects. Thank you for everything you are doing, this is our lil gift for you, special GACKT. We deeply love you.

We also wanna thank all the people that write us thanking us for our work. This is not work but passion and love. GACKT Italia wishes you all the best Christmas, grateful for your constant support. We’ll do even more with even more enthusiasm. We are moved by your words, truly, deeply thank you, from the bottom of hour hearts. Thank you for your precious support and your words. Love you all.



It's that time of the year again! Christmas is right around the corner and GACKT ITALIA decided to collect once again all the messages from LOVERS around the world to wish GACKT a very merry Christmas.


Write a message or send some fan arts with your wishes for GACKT for this Christmas and holiday season. This message will be translated and it will be publish in our fanzine.
The Fanzine will be published online and we will send it to GACKT so he can read all your wonderful messages and wishes.

DEADLINE: DECEMBER 22nd. After this day we won't accept anymore messages.

To participate, send an email with your message to!

We also want to remind you that deadlines are UNDELAYABLE. All the messages not received or received after the deadline won't be added to the fanzine; it's nothing personal, we don't want to be the "bad guys" but to create a number like this it takes a lot of time and since we want to deliver a professional and high quality product we need the time to focus on it perfectly.

For any doubts or questions  you can contact us on our facebbook page, through the form or via email writing to We will try to answer as soon as possible! Thank you for understanding and we are waiting for you!


[VIDEO] GACKT ITALIA goes to 「93rd Camui♂Gakuen de Hirakina-sai」

Hello LOVERS, as you well know, this year part of GACKT ITALIA's staff went to Japan to attend The Balue Hearts concerts, the 93rd Camui♂Gakuen de Hirakina-sai and GACKT's 44th Birthday party!

We would like to thank everyone that joined us at the venue and shared this wonderful experience with us. Also we would like to thank G&LOVERS, The Balue Hearts, our School Council President, Camui Gakuto, and all the F9 members, but most of all we would like to thank GACKT, none of this would have been possible without him.

Today we share with you our experience and we hope you enjoy the show!


GACKT ITALIA FANZINE - July 2017 - Happy Birthday GACKT


Finally here’s the special Fanzine issue dedicated to GACKT’s birthday with all your birthday wishes, fan arts and photos!! GACKT Italia staff and all his members want wish GACKT happy birthday with all our love and support. We are working hard for you all and we are doing it with all our hearts and the love we have for GACKT. We hope you’ll enjoy the magazine!


gackt xmas


And as every year, here's the result of our Xmas project! Thank you everyone for joining in wishing GACKT a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Please do share this on social media! Merry Christmas everyone!